​​Nigel Mack's "Devil's Secrets"

My first album credit is Nigel Mack's "King for a Day," track 1 off his "Devil's Secrets' CD.  I arranged the song.  Click here to check it out.

Joseph Veloz's "Offerings" & "Joseph and the Velozians"

My song, "Jukin' and Shakin'," featuringLucky Peterson, is track 4 on Joseph Veloz's album "Offerings."  Also, I wrote track one on "Joseph & The Velozians"Pretty Is As Pretty Does-vocals byLarry McCray. Click here to get your copy at Joseph's website

James Armstrong's "Blues Been Good to


"Blues Been Good to Me" is the title track for James Armstrong's Catfood  Records 2017 release. I co-wrote the song with Matthew Curryand James Armstrong.

Bernard Allison's "Let It Go"

"Night Train"is track 5 of Bernard Allison's 2018 Ruff Records release. I co-wrote the song with Bernard and Matthew Curry.

Bernard Allison's "Songs from the Road"

  "Night Train"is track 1 on Bernard's 2020 release, a remixed live version. 

Mary Jo Curry's "Front Porch"

I wrote"Explaining the Blues"  track 7. 

Bernard Allison's "Highs & Lows"  

I wrote the title track Highs & Lows,  My Way Or The Highway-featuring CollinJames, and Hustler-featuring Bobby Rush

Hanging with legends, Billy Boy Arnold, Corky Siegel, Billy Branch

Hanging out with Legends!  ​Billy Boy Arnold,Corky Siegel, Billy Branch.